Sunday, February 9, 2014

Heart, It Races: Valentine's Day Wishlist

Be Mine, Valentine

For me, Valentine's Day is just an excuse to wear red lipstick, rosy make-up, and heart-printed clothing. But, if I do happen to have big plans for the holiday, you can bet I'll be taking notes from the items shown above. I am crazy for a good mini-dress, and this drop waist number is the perfect balance of playful and romantic. Thigh socks and head wraps are another current obsession of mine, and I love the darker tones and neutral print against rose gold jewelry. And, that bag can make it's way into my life anytime. Or, today. Yeah, today would be great.
I hope this provides plenty of inspo for your Valentine's Day look. Even if your only plans are watching movies, drinking wine, and eating conversation hearts with your friends; which actually sounds way better than waiting for a table at The Cheesecake Factory, just saying.
Lot's of love,

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