Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pictures of Recently Acquired Things

I'm trying to really get serious about saving money, so my shopping habits have slowed way down. But, I will admit I haven't quite given up picking a couple things up here and there at thrift stores. It's basically recycling, right? So, it doesn't count. Just let me have that, please. Anyways, I had really good luck at a few stores I stumbled into over the past week, and thought I'd share some of my treasures.
This vintage babydoll dress is so perfect. It's light-weight and just the right amount of loose-fitting. I've already worn it, despite the temperatures here because I'm just so ready for Spring. Hopefully next time it will be without tights and a sweater. Those flats were another score, and they just so happen to match the buttons on that dress! Which matters. And, a beanie. Just because.
I have been looking for this album for a really long time, but haven't quite been willing to pay full price. And, this week I found two copies of it! I bought this one, even though the condition isn't great because of the poster and the other (which is not pictured) because it actually plays. I am over the moon on this one. Stevie Nicks forever.
And, books! I rarely leave a thrift store without at least one. It's crazy to me how people can so willingly give their books away, even if it does end up benefitting me. This week, I found a really good collection that I can't wait to get started on. I'm especially interested in that A Mess of Everything comic, although I have to find the first book in the series to read. It seems very "Enid Coleslaw"-esque. And, I have heard nothing but good reviews on We Need To Talk About Kevin. I think that will be my next read after I finish my current read, Girl, Interrupted.
That's all for now. What are some of your recent finds?
With love,

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