Thursday, December 19, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide For Boys Who Are Hard To Shop For

Gift Guide For Boys Who Are Hard To Shop For

Gift Guide For Boys Who Are Hard To Shop For by heatherrrnicole featuring wall art
As promised, I am back today to bring you some suggestions on what to get the dood in your life. I would just like to first state that boys are super hard to shop for. And, if you've tried to pick out the perfect gift, but found yourself eyeing cat mugs for yourself instead, I just want you to know you're not alone. But, it is time to get serious about finding something, folks. So, I've comprised my go-to list for boys. I hope this helps at least a little. But, if it doesn't, my advise is just to give up and buy that darn cat mug instead.
1.Clothes/accessories. It's the perfect amount of "personal", and will also give you the chance to dress your man in something YOU really like. (Just kidding, of course.) Stick with beanies, socks, and maybe a shirt, since they are easier to judge the sizes. 2. Music. Whether it's in the form of vinyl or an iTunes gift card, music is a wonderful gift to give someone. 3. Cologne. Because it's a universal gift to give, no matter who or what age. 4. Posters/wall art. I especially like to go for ones from their favorite show/movie. 5. Gift cards. For when you're really stumped, and need something quick. I know Andy would really enjoy one for Gamestop or Micro Center. 6. Books! Give him your most favorite book ever, or just one that will help him decode rap music. Any ol' book will do. 7. A bag. It could be for school, trips, or (like my main squeeze would use it for) camera equipment. It's a practical gift for just about anyone. 8. Electronic accessories. A phone case or camera strap. It can be a cool addition to something they already use everyday!
Good luck in you shopping endeavors, readers
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  1. YES! I really, really needed this! My boyfriends' birthday is just after Christmas and I have just put all my thinking and inspiration into his Christmas gift. Thanks so much! xxxx Anne

    1. Aww, well I'm stoked that you found this helpful! Good luck in picking some things out, girl :D


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