Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Temperature Is Dropping

      It's officially Winter, you guys. Well, not "officially", but once it snows, is there really any point in pretending Fall is still hanging around? The cold is keeping me indoors, and unfortunately without any motivation for anything other than books and tea. But, alas, a spark went off today that led me out in the snow of all places. Even though it sucks, it's hard to deny how perfect the first few showers make everything look. I wandered around the reservoir with camera in hand until my hands couldn't take the chill any longer, before returning to a lazy afternoon inside. I don't think I could have picked a better day to seek a bit of nature, as work is rapidly speeding up with the holidays around the corner. Its usually easy for me to ignore the bustle, but this year seems especially trying on my patience. To say that the break I'll get with Thanksgiving is going to very appreciated would be an understatement. Jeesh.
Have a great holiday, readers! Hopefully you are all granted the day off work/responsibilities or at least get to be with people you can stand!
Until next time,

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  1. I always love catching up with your blog, my dear. Let's have tea soon, deal? xoxoxo


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