Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Style Icon: Lindsay Weir

Lindsay Weir

Can we talk about Freaks and Geeks for a minute? Because I am a fanatic. The prematurely-cancelled show centers around two siblings, Lindsay and Sam Weir. Sam is a nerdy freshman with two of the funniest friends in television history (if you ask me anyways). And, Lindsay is the elder of the two, who has decided to trade in her days of scholastic achievement for ones spent with the burnouts and "freaks" of William McKinley High School. Throughout the series, you watch Lindsay develop a sense of self despite various influences in her life who hold differing ideas; i.e. her conservative parents and new, goalless friends.
     The outfit above channels all the early 80's vibes of the show with a modern twist. Army jackets, flannels, and tribal cross-body bags are all key "Lindsay" pieces. A look so sweet, Nick Andopolis will swoon.
 Now throw on a Grateful Dead album, and finish your math homework.
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  1. mostly i'm just really really lovin' that teddy bear rug.


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