Friday, May 9, 2014

Outfit: Running, Returning

Andy and I got to sneak away this week to celebrate his birthday, and it ended up being one of the best days I've had in quite some time. Not for any particular reason; we didn't do anything "celebratory". In fact our day was pretty routine. We browsed at all our usual thrift stores, got pizza, walked downtown, and had a sundae at Jeni's; all things that are apart of  our Columbus trips. But, doing all those normal things seemed kind of better than normal. It kind of got me thinking about all of our other routines that I've grown to know and like so much. Cooking dinner really late, quoting Drunk History episodes 24/7, listening to records while working on posts/photos, me always having to pick the movie we watch, him making lattes while I get ready in the morning; all the little details that add to this life we're building with one another.
I don't usually talk about my relationship in detail on here, but I'm a really lucky gal, folks. I'm at a place in my life where things seem to be coming together in a way that seemed so far out of sight just a few months ago. And, Andy is a big part of that. I have pushed and picked and withdrawn and been prideful and stubborn more times than I can count. But, still this man has done nothing but offer support and encouragement and patience and love. That's a huge thing to know; just that someone wants to watch you succeed at all the big ideas in your head and be apart of it in the most selfless way possible. I'll refrain from getting too sappy. But, I have to admit that after some major peaks and valleys, it feels good to embrace something constant and sound. 
Goodness, look at me rambling. I almost forgot this was an outfit post. Anyways, I guess the point is that these were taken on a really good day, and some really good things are happening, and it's all just really good. So, yeah.

Outfit Details:
Sweater- Forever 21
Top- Gabriel Brothers
Pants- American Eagle
Backpack/Boots- T.J. Maxx

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  1. i love those green pants!! such a cute look :)



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