Monday, May 19, 2014

Lazy Sunday

This weekend went by way too quickly. My adventures first started with a road trip to Cincinnati to see Manchester Orchestra and Kevin Devine with  my dear friend, Laura; which unfortunately is not documented due to my not knowing the venue's camera policies. The bands killed it, especially Mr. Devine. Please get to know this dood if you haven't already. After the show, Laura and I headed to my sister's apartment (that she so graciously let us stay at even though she too was out of town) to begin a wild night of watching "Mermaids: The Body Found"; because I WANT TO BELIEVE, and because we like to party. I can't tell you how nice it was having a a couple days in a new place, but I did have something wonderful to come home to. Andy and I took advantage of the chilly weather that I love so much, and took a long walk before dinner.
I'm currently fighting sleep, and the reality of having to be back to work in the morning. Ugh. I hope all of you had fantastic weekends!

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