Friday, May 30, 2014

Outfit: All Talk

     I've been staring at my computer screen, struggling over what I could possibly say in this post. Sure, I could tell you something about what I'm wearing. This is my regularly scheduled "outfit" post, anyways. Something like, "I've been living in this skirt and t-shirt combo all week." It's probably fitting. But, I'd instead like to talk about Rags and Roses in general. I've recently received some negative feedback/confusion over why I write this blog, and I feel it needs some attention.
     I started Rags and Roses right after moving back from college. For me, it was a way to focus on something other than working a mundane retail job. I used it more as a place to document snapshots of day trips, and to talk about my interests/life. As I broadened my topics, I struggled to find my niche in the world-wide web, among DIY, fashion, and food blogs because I couldn't really label Rags and Roses as just one of those things. In the simplest terms, Rags and Roses is a lifestyle blog. I share projects, recipes, my personal style, music playlists, and more personal things, too. For me, it's been an awesome experience seeing myself grow up, in a sense; between my attitude on things, my style choices, and the way I approach certain posts. I've loved meeting other bloggers, and learning more about how far these personal blogs can really take a person. Writing this is just something I really love. I don't know how else to say it, really.
     Now let me address the negativity. I've recently received some comments on my weight/appearance, and I find it necessary to give feedback. Yes, I have gained a few pounds since I first began this blog a year or so ago. Mainly because I'm a healthier person than I was then. I've always struggled with body image and anxiety, and college really took a toll on my mental state. I was so stressed and anxious, that it manifested physically. I lost over ten pounds the year that I was away; putting my 5'7 frame at just over 100 lbs. My hair began falling out, and I had crippling panic attacks. The worst part was, that I came to believe the extreme weight-loss was a good thing. My weight would fluctuate, and I'd worry that I was going to gain weight back. I was taking diet pills and, making unhealthy choices about skipping meals. It wasn't a good time in my life. With all that said, I'd like to say that I am much better now. My weight is exactly where it should be, given my height and age. And, I have gotten better at keeping a balance between responsibilities and stress. Sure, I fall apart every once in a while. I have days that I hate certain features of my body. And, days where I am drastically effected by anxiety. Days where I feel very hopeless and upset and struggle to get myself out of bed. But, ultimately, I know that I am a healthier version of myself now. 
     Body image is a very serious issue, and I want it to be known that Rags and Roses is not a place for negativity on that matter and matters like it. The world is already a war-zone, where people are forced to constantly defend and justify themselves. And, I'm not going to do that here. 
Most truly yours,

P.S.-Don't forget to check out the latest edition of KOH Magazine. You can click the link in the sidebar to catch up!

Outfit Details:
T-shirt- Kevin Devine merch (from the concert I went to a couple weeks ago!)
Skirt- Target
Boots- Thrifted
Bag- American Eagle Outfitters(found at TJ Maxx)


  1. Such an important issue to address! Thanks for being honest and vulnerable. Glad you left me your blog url! :)

    1. Thanks, Abi! I've been a fan of your blog for a while, and I really appreciate your kind words.

  2. Hi Heather!! I just discovered your blog, and let me tell you I LOVE IT, really, you seem like a really nice person, don't pay any attention to bad comments!

    I love your outfit here!! It's something I would wear for sure

    Hope you have a nice weekend<3 Beatriz,xo
    Classy and Trendy

    1. That's really nice of you to say, Beatriz! Thank you so much.


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