Monday, September 22, 2014

I Will Survive (with Man Crates)

     Is it just me, or are men HORRIBLE to shop for? Seriously, any gift-giving that I do for my darling Andy is comparable to having teeth pulled (love you). Picture the scene from The Notebook when Ryan Gosling is screaming, "WHAT DO YOU WANT?".  Ugh. I usually just end up settling on something for his cameras, posters, or vinyl, but these items are seriously lacking in creativity. Well, those are all things of the past, thanks to Man Crates.
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     Man Crates is a website that promises to make gift-buying for your favorite dude a breeze, while proving items that he is sure to love. You simply shop by personality; is your man a beer-lover, a gamer, and athlete, etc.? Then Man Crates takes all the guess work out of the experience by putting together amazing gift collections based on what your man likes.
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     Man Crates offers unique and surprisingly hilarious gift sets; i.e. The Zombie Survival and Bacon Lovers Crate, full of snacks and entertainment. The gifts themselves are almost out-done by the rugged packaging. No ribbons, no paper, just the crate and an engraved crow bar to destroy it with. The novelty of this alone will have you scoring major points, that will only increase once they discover the awesomeness awaiting inside. 
     In the spirit of Man Crates survival kit-esque gifts, I've put together a few of my must-have items; the things in my life that I simply cannot go without:
1. Books- I've always been a big reader. There is nothing I love more than staying in my pajamas and spending the day living through someone else's words. It's bliss.
2. Tea- Black tea, green tea, iced tea, roobios; I don't discriminate. I love the excitement of trying out new/unusual flavors, and the comfort found in the classics. Chai and Earl grey are my two forever-favorites.
3. Lipstick- To me, it can make or break an entire ensemble. I have a few tried and true shades, but I love playing around with bold colors every once in a while, too. Revlon has been my go-to brand for a long time. Their colors are so pigmented, and never look flaky or caked on. 
4. Ice cream- It is a guilty pleasure that I indulge in far too often. Like, everyday. Do they make a patch or gum for that?
5. Netflix- It's kind of pathetic how much I love television, but I just can't help it. Netflix is even better since you can just marathon entire series. I've already watched Freaks and Geeks and Parks and Rec about one hundred times each. So, yeah. What social life?

Hopefully, Man Crates makes it's way on to your survival list! Their gifts are sure to shake up birthday/holiday present-buying without any fuss. I can pretty much guarantee that a certain gamer who I love so much will be taken care of for Christmas this year. *whistle, whistle*
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  1. That sounds like an amazing gift idea. I luckily haven't had tooo much trouble figuring out gifts for my guy but this would look like a good go to so that I can keep some of my other gift ideas on the back burner.

    1. Glad you found it helpful, Justine! I'm all about novelty items :)


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