Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Her Majesty's Midwestern Islands

     I made my first visit of the season to our local orchard this week, and I can already foresee many more trips ahead. I cannot believe I survived 19 years on this planet without ever taking advantage of this gem; I picked apples for the very first time here last year with my dearest Ashley. This time around, Andy was awakened to the bliss that is Apple Hill, although I don't know if he'd be as passionate in describing the outing. We filled our peck with the biggest and best looking apples we could find. I made sure to stock up a few Golden Ginger's for cooking pancakes, oatmeal, and crisps; just think of me as Bubba from Forest Gump with apples instead of shrimp. Once our poor paper bag couldn't hold anything else, we made our way inside for the best apple donuts in the history of apple donuts; literally the best, do not even challenge it. Andy and I walked around the rest of the orchard, feeding a few of the animals and looking back through our snapshots. 
This same day, we looked all over town for apartments or houses for rent. We saw one that was essentially perfect for us; two bedrooms, one level with a decent sized yard and great lighting. It was also in our price range! We filled out the application, and are now eagerly awaiting a response. I'm trying not to get my hopes built too high, as we are first time renters and I know it's going to require someone taking a chance on us. But, everyone has to start somewhere and I'd love for that cute house to be mine and Andy's. Fingers crossed! 
     Happy Hump day, all! The week is almost through, Which of course means nothing if you're a retail drone, like myself. But, hang in there anyways.

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