Monday, September 15, 2014

Autumn Essentials

      Dressing for Fall is pretty much the best. Fall in general is pretty much the best, but maybe I'm biased. But, seriously, I know I'm not the only one who looks forward to reuniting with a favorite sweater on the first day the temperatures drop below 70 degrees. Although, here in Ohio they are likely to rise again on the very next day. This season, I've tried to invest in a few staples that are great transitional pieces, ones that can be layered and paired with different items to create new looks; my essentials for the season.
     For me, these have included items like cozy cable knits in rich colors (mustard, burgundy, burnt orange, and teal), floppy felt hats, a classic striped tee, oxford boots, printed dresses in darker color schemes, and my favorite army green jacket. These pieces can be mixed and matched all season long. I'm also big into rose-gold toned jewelry, turquoise accents, and keeping some sunshine with you via scent; i.e. that scrumptious Daisy perfume. My beauty must-haves for the chillier months also made their way into the picture: plum lipstick and coconut oil for almost everything. 
     What are some of your Fall must-haves?

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