Friday, June 6, 2014

Outfit: Able To

I've been without my regular photographer/boyfriend for the last week, as he was away visiting his sister. Fortunately for me, Andy was nice enough to let me borrow one of his tripods to keep my blogging game alive. Unfortunately for me, I am terrified of taking pictures around town by myself. Maybe terrified is too much, but definitely embarrassed. If someone if taking your picture, passerby's reactions may not be much beyond general curiosity. But, I feel it's a bit odd to be posing for my own camera on the sidewalk. Do any of you fellow bloggers feel my pain? Anyways, I ended up sneaking off to a quaint part of town to capture this week's outfit pictures, and I actually ended up enjoying the solitude of it all; despite this look clashing with the outdoorsy background. I often delay posts due to not having someone around to help me snap the photos, so this was big feat for my persistent procrastination/excuse making. This tripod and I may become better acquainted yet! And, maybe we'll even make a public appearance someday...maybe.

Outfit Details:
Kimono sweater- T.J. Maxx
Dress- Urban Outfitters
Bag- American Eagle
Boots- Thrifted
Jewelry- Forever 21
Sunnies- Gabriel Brothers

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