Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Five Packing Tips For Summer Traveling

Please excuse my brief hiatus, as this week has been packed full. I have worked 20 days in a row, and could not be happier about leaving for vacation at the end of the week. I will be soaking up the Sun at the beach with my family before you know it. Trying to pack while squeezing in seven days worth of hours in three between my two jobs has proven to be a difficult task. But, I did accomplish quite a bit this afternoon, and thought I'd share some tips for all of you fellow Summer vacationers!
Make a list, check it twice//
Writing down the things you need while away from home is very helpful. Use the list as a reference to help pack, then check off the items written down to make sure you've got them all!
Plan your outfits//
Put together a few outfits in advance, that way you're not just bringing things you think you might wear at some point. I also like to pack neutral tops that can be swapped out to create multiple looks. This will keep your baggage light!
Don't bring clutter with you//
If you're anything like me, you collect a lot of junk. Old receipts, pay stubs, empty chap-stick tubes, movie tickets, etc. Try to clean out things like your purse and make-up bag before you travel. Bring only the necessity items that you use everyday. I find this especially helpful with beauty products, as my toiletry bag is full of various lipsticks, extra blushes, primers, and products I only use on occasion.
Use an article of clothing to transform an outfit//
Rather than bringing excess clothing, pack one or two items that can transform an outfit into a different look. This could be a pair of heels that you put on instead of sandals for an evening look, or a kimono over shorts and top for a late-night beach stroll. Having pieces that evolve an existing look keeps your packing lighter, and gives you less to keep track of.
Bring your own entertainment//
My family and I are driving to our ocean getaway, so I'm preparing to survive the lengthy car ride with a good book, some music, and my trusty journal. We don't have much planned aside from total relaxation, so I aim to complete a book or two, poolside.

I hope these tips inspire you to plan ahead for your vacation packing. Where are you spending your Summer?


  1. I always write a list and plan my outfits but still always manage to overpack! Great tips

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    1. Haha, it's kind of inevitable, really. I really am trying to be more conscious this time around though! Thanks for stopping by, Alice :)


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