Monday, June 30, 2014

Now That You're Home

I am now back from a week away in Myrtle Beach with my family. There are stacks of clothes that need unpacked and washed, and errands that need run. But, instead, I am flipping back through photos, wishing I was back by the beach.
We kept the vacation fairly low-key, spending only a small part of the trip away from our resort. We became professional beach bums, and I was able to complete two (I repeat: two) books; something I almost never have the time for back at home. 
Seeing the Ansel Adams exhibit running at the local art museum was one of my favorites from the trip. 
And, we fully embraced being tourists at this stop. Lots of candy, lots of being star-struck by wax figures. Unfortunately, most of the pics from inside didn't turn out so great. We also indulged big time when it came to eating out; lots of ice cream, lots of trying new things.
This past week had it's ups and downs, as traveling with your family often will. We drove an excruciating twelve hours to get to and from our destination, with tempers sometimes erupting. All of us had attitudes at inconvenient times and places, and exhaustion got the better of us on more than one occasion. But, this was the first time only the three of us have gotten to enjoy a vacation together, and I really did have an awesome time. You don't get to pick your family, and I think its better that way. I'd hate to imagine my life without these ladies. They are funny, and kind, and a lot braver than I am. And, while we may not always like each other, its understood that each of us mean more to one another than anything else. So, yeah, it was a good week. 
How was your week?


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