Wednesday, October 29, 2014

You and Me, We've Got Our Own Sense of Time

     This is it; my last three days in the house I grew up in. I never thought I'd be sad to say that, but I'm getting crazy nostalgic over packing all of my things into boxes. There is a lot of change happening around me; between my own move and various situations with my family and friends. It all feels so overwhelming and nerve-wracking. But, this year has taught me that I can move on just fine; or at least after a couple of good cries and binge-eating sessions. I've done some big things: I quit a job that made me miserable at best, I started getting ahead of my never-ending college debt, and am working hard to pursue a creative living. And, now I'm (finally) about to fully share my life with someone who has been such a well of support/kindness/love/humor/inspiration for the last four years. GOOD THINGS ARE HAPPENING, PEOPLE.
     This has not been an easy road. In fact, it's been a pretty freaking stupid one, full of detours and accidents and closed exits. But, somehow, I've made it to a point where I see an out. I used to get so frustrated thinking about how far along I should be in school or work, constantly comparing myself to others and their accomplishments. I should have a degree, a demanding job, a routine; some way to measure my success. Well, I don't have any of those things. However, I am still breathing and at least trying to figure out where I want to be someday. I'm dead-set on not settling. No matter what. And, for right now I'm completely satisfied with the small feat and huge adventure of moving in with Andy. Give time time. It's worth it.

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