Monday, July 7, 2014

Playlist: Everybody Knows This is Nowhere

Here are the only shots I got of the holiday weekend. And, actually, Andy took the one of the fireworks. I know, right? I totally slacked. Especially because I actually had a pretty eventful Fourth of July. I started it out by road-tripping to Cleveland to see my old college friend, Tim. We strolled downtown, then got ice cream on the west side of the city. We caught up a ton, and shared all of our old jokes and favorite stories. It reminded me how much I truly love that city; as if I needed a reminder. Then, I headed back to my humble town to meet my loves, Andy and Laura, for fireworks. We watched them at Ashland's balloon fest which was kind of lame, and kind of awesome for the same reason. They did choreographed balloon lighting to precious songs of my youth, such as The Baha Men's classic, "Who Let the Dogs Out?". Do with that what you will. We filled up on fried foods and shaved ice, and had a religious experience when eating a red velvet funnel cake. *Bless*. The night ended with too many ginger chews due to an upset stomach and coffee that I didn't need. I laughed more than I have in forever, and fully embraced being loud and abrasive with two people I love a lot.
Now, I'm wiped from work and finally catching up on The Walking Dead. WTF, TERMINUS? I'm also trying not to exhaust myself thinking about what this week has in store. Lots of double shifts, and lots of traveling. Laura and I will be on the road for two concerts this week; The Front Bottoms and Say Anything one day, and Brand New for the other. Obvz, I'm stoked. It'll be worth the few hours of sleep. Well doods, I'm ending my night with some slow and sort of sad tunes, because those are the ones I like best. I hope you will, too!

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