Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pen-paling, and Other Rainy Day Things

      I'm currently keeping my eyes peeled for the sky to clear, and the sun to make it's way out, as my mother and I are to see Joan Jett play outdoors tonight. Why, yes, you did read that correctly: JOAN JETT. I'm over the moon about this show, and even more excited to experience it with my mother.
In the meantime, there is plenty of coffee for me to drink, books to read, and a letter to my best friend to be written.
     Ashley and I have been pen-paling it up ever since she made the move from Ohio to Georgia. It's been my most favorite thing; something to fill the void of us no longer having lunch dates or other adventures. Seeing  letters appear in my mailbox, and reading them with a cup of Ashley's favorite earl grey tea almost (almost) makes the distance easier. It's more personal than a text or email; being able to get a better sense of feeling from quick, excited hand-writing and just knowing it took longer than a voice-commanded message from a cell phone in the car. Keep the written word alive, people! I'm hoping to get a P.O. box for this site soon for anyone still thrilled about snail mail. Do any of you have pen-pals?


  1. I have a penpal! I love writing letters and buying pretty stationery. I think it's an occasion when I can sit down with a cup of tea and a nice pen and write about my life to my friend (I do that with my blog, but it's nice to write letters). It's so exciting to get mail too!


    1. I agree completely. So much more personal, too.

  2. The letter writing is such a good idea, so much more personal than texting!

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