Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide

     Is it just me, or were the holidays really sneaky about their arrival this year? I'm blaming my gift-buying procrastination on beginning a new job/recently moving/general lack of motivation. But, the fact is that Christmas is coming, and I have (almost) nothing to show for it. I'm always a huge fan of the gift guides that flood my Blogger dashboard, so I decided to put one together with a few things I've been eyeing for the ones I love. Candles, tea, and coffee mugs are always my go-to gifts for pretty much anyone; they are the perfect back-up for Secret-Santa's and that one family member is forever the hardest to shop for. I'm also loving lotions and lip glosses for stocking-stuffers. Or, ditch the stocking all together and fill a cute (and feminist-friendly) tote with all the goods, like this one form Modern Girl Blitz! Records are always a personal gift, great for a significant other or best friend. The "A Beautiful Mess Planner" topped my own Christmas list this year, as I am hoping to achieve all of my organizational goals in the new year. And, last, but certainly not least, a phone case. Something totally practical that the recipient will use everyday, being reminded of the awesome and definitely not last-minute shopper that you are. Try the one out above from Kidogo Kidogo, and really do something good for the holidays. 
     Kidogo Kidogo, as you may remember from this post, is a one-for-one business that provides cell phones/service to women in Tanzania through your purchase of phone cases. These phones provide means of communication for the woman and their family's, and provide them with things like flashlights, a watch, calculator, a camera, and radio all in one device. The site has now extended their products to cases for iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy, t-shirts, and pouches for your phone; all designed by the same Tanzanian women who your purchase helps.
I hope this provides some relief to all you holiday procrastinators.
Happy Holidays!

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