Thursday, August 21, 2014

21 Before 22

     It's that time of year again, when I turn another year older and become ultra aware of all the things I hope to do. Twenty has not been so nice. This year has been long and trying. There have been huge, defeating blows and a lot to learn. I've made mistakes and accepted things for what they are. I feel like I'm starting my new year off alright. I'm come to terms with a lot of situations that have caused great stress, and feel as though I'm getting a clearer idea about where I'm going, or at the very least, where I want to be. I recently put a two-weeks notice into one of my jobs, so that I can devote more time to Rags and Roses. And, Andy and I are really getting serious about finding a house, either in our current area or another. These changes are scary and overwhelming at times, but I'm so happy to finally feel as though I am capable of making things, both big and small, happen. I made one of these lists last year, and it really helped me keep my focus. Of course, I did not complete all of them. Some of them even made another appearance on this year's list, but I want to just really make this year about finding peace and strength in myself. So here's what I've got:
1. Drink more water
2. Find a house and move in
3. Spend 20+ hours a week on Rags and Roses
4. Start running again
5. Have a date night once a week
6. Learn how to play guitar
7. Travel to 5 new places
8. De-clutter and organize
9. Start and finish Orange is the New Black
10. Take an art class
11. Bake something from scratch
12. Take walks at least once a week
13. Read 2-3 books a month
14. Stop watching so much TV (maybe)
15. Manage stress/anxiety better; let things go easier/faster
16. Start taking vitamins
17. More tea, less coffee
18. Make conversation with someone new
19. Get another pen pal (although no one will beat Ashley)
20. Be less critical of myself
21. Make time to relax

I don't count on making all of these a reality, but I they are not that far-fetched. I just want to really weed out negativity and every unnecessary source of tension. I think 21 will be just fine. I'm getting the celebration started with a full 5 fives away from both jobs. I'm getting my license renewed and all my packing finished up tomorrow, before heading to Cincinnati for the weekend with my boo-thing, Andy. We'll be scoping out the area his sister lives in, having dinner and drinks with my sister, and catching up on actually having some time together. Low key birthdays are more my steeze. 
Thanks for all the love and support this year, you guys! I'm really looking forward to making this one to remember.


  1. Happy early birthday! I hope you have a fantastic birthday weekend! :D

    You've got a great list here. Especially that OINTB one, haha. The new season is super great. Good luck achieving your goals and I hope the coming year turns out much better.

    1. Thanks so much, Peggy! I've heard so many good things about the series; I NEED IT IN MY LIFE. Your kind words mean so much, dear!

  2. Happy 21st year of life! I hope this year treats you better than the last and that you're able to check off some (if not all) of the items on your list! I'd love to help you out and be your pen pal!

    1. Thanks, Emily! I have a good feeling about this year. I'd love to pen-pal! My email is heatherrrnicole@gmail if you'd like to message me more about that!


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