Friday, August 21, 2015

Outfit: Bridges and Balloons

     I've been out of the "outfit" game for a while now. The truth is that my wardrobe is going to an odd transition. I've been in the mood for change in just about every aspect of my life, and it's definitely proving evident in the way I dress. The past couple of weeks have been spent wandering aimlessly around my apartment, doing everything I can to keep busy while I wait to start a new job. I am no good at having "down time". One thing that has really been helping me through this transition period is sewing; something I haven't done much of since college. Andy was kind enough to buy me a new sewing machine and few accessories for it so that I could really give it a go, and I've been working away making things for a farmer's market booth I'm sharing with a friend. I can feel myself getting better with every garment, and it feels really great to be crafting things again. I used to sew all of the time, making patches and pillows out of old clothing or thrifted fabric. It was something I really loved doing, even if it was just for me, and I'm happy to be back at it again. I guess I did away with it because it seemed pointless, unless I was fixing a torn seam or something. But, I'm finding that there is nothing wrong with having things and routines just for yourself; ones that calm you down and keep you motivated. I'll try to share some of the things I've made when I get a bit more practice in. Which is what I think I'll do now! 
With love,

Outfit Details:
Boyfriend tee- Old Navy
Skirt- Vintage
Tote and Necklace- Forever 21 (tote was thrifted)
Sandals- Aeropostle
Glasses- Flower Eye Wear


  1. I love how casual and feminine this outfit is. I love the combo!

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  2. Love your midi skirt! <3

  3. I love this outfit. I'm in love with floral skirts. Can't wait to see the pieces you are making! p.s I'm the worst with down time as well. Good luck with your new job <3


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