Monday, January 28, 2013

My Week According to Instagram.

This week has been hectic at best, but here are a few highlights brought to you by Instagram!
I put my Valentine's decor up to get into the spirit. Is anyone stuck on what to get/do this year? I am genuinely panicking about it.

I received a belated, but beautiful Christmas present from my lovely boyfriend. This was handmade; he is crazy talented! 

I enjoyed snapping this one during our traditional weekend breakfast in front of the television. (Andy and Chaos, however, did not.)

Me trying to stay warm in the break room while knocking out a few more pages of Gatsby. It's an amazing book so far, and I'm getting so excited for the movie. Hello, Leo!

After closing on a Saturday, an evening of tea and HIMYM was pure bliss.

Current obsession: nude nails. This color, called "Private Viewing", is by Wet N' Wild. Great quality and price. 

And, finally, a very satisfied me after finding my favorite lipstick in the mess that is my make-up bag.

Some other notable events that didn't get captured include a lovely lunch date with a dear friend, the snow storm that hit my hometown with furry, aaaaaand MY NEW CAR. She's a beauty. An expensive, well-deserved beauty. Hope all of you had a great week! I'll be back this week with more posts, so stay tuned.

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